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JUST ANOTHER DAY (Giulliano P. / Paulo Corradini / Will Geraldo) just another day and you woke up feeling the same old taste the bitter taste from the night before your children are still sleeping they’re safe and sound as far as they know there’s nothing going on just ask yourself how long will it take for them to find out this world brings more blues than rock and roll and you thought of every single way for them to have a better life and at the end you just forgot to put a plan in place it’s just another day you’re counting down the days you won’t get older instead you’ll die a bit every day and what have you done to change the future ? now you can only go home and die another day
Eight 05:41
EIGHT (Will Geraldo) going round and round we tend to do to ourselves things that not even animals would do to one another killing, raping, slavery, barbarism who are the real enemies ? corruption, depravity, paedophilia, genocide who are the real enemies ? we were given just what we needed to live and we were supposed to make the most of it but instead we have gone further down and that doesn’t mean we are happier now
Delirium 03:59
DELIRIUM (Will Geraldo) the wall you chose to build remains in its place yes, you did … brick by brick there’s no room for all those dreams to come true as much as I would love them to we share the same moonlight but you have got to feel open up your soul I hope it won’t take longer for you to see that we were …
Alone Again 06:16
ALONE AGAIN (Will Geraldo) I find myself alone again from here to wherever I can get to with feelings I can’t get rid of living a little bit of my past everyday “those who hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of my head god, you know my foolishness my sins are not hidden from you” dreaming of it over and over again what will you say ? you weren’t there ! these scars will never go away how would you feel if no one cared ? “let their eyes be darkened so that they can’t see let their backs be continually bent my throat is dry, my eyes fail, looking for my god” it’s easy to say you weren’t there I’m still looking for my god you weren’t there
TOMORROW WON'T HAPPEN (Will Geraldo) Instrumental
HANDLE WITH CARE (Will Geraldo) still wondering where you are and all the steps I took so far it might be a matter of common sense I never feared any consequences I know by heart the stories I couldn’t hear about grown up men with no fear I’d like to think I have now become one but I’ll only find out when it’s done you left an unfinished glass of wine at the time I could not have mine but since I started to drink on my own I came up with things you should’ve known I still remember your bitter comments during our christmas lunch my life has turned a few corners with some stones along the way 25 years have gone by but it feels like yesterday struggling to learn the lessons taken from the little I could see I still remember the neighbour knocking on my door in my darkened room listening to ‘double dare’
A TREE TALL ENOUGH (Alessandro Queler / Jr Bernucci / Will Geraldo) I don’t want you here you bring all those feelings that I thought were gone will you help me now ? I know you won’t, you never will but how can I change the past ? and now you see what you have done to me before you came along I was so quiet in my own hell I want to find a tree tall enough to hang myself, to hide myself and make things just like before you make me feel so bad and even worse when I recall those crap stories you used to tell you easily screwed up so many lives as well as mine with promises and nothing else and now you see what you have done to me before you came along I was so quiet in my own hell I want to find a tree tall enough to hang myself, to hide myself and make things just like before
Salvation 06:34
SALVATION (Will Geraldo) work out your own salvation ’cause god might be busy trying to fix what men have done everything you ever believed seems now to be vanishing right before your eyes to hell with your values they were never good to anyone you’ll regret every second you spent making those decisions work out your own salvation work out your way to wherever because the judgement may never come and if there’s still time you may want to fix a fraction of the agony you caused


Can human being get any worse ? We all know the answer and this is the theme that permeates this album with eight pieces of tense and intense music filled with sound textures, noisy backgrounds, ambiences and drum machines. Indeed a very mature album !

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released September 19, 2014

Produced by Will Geraldo

Performed by V.A.I.N.

Alessandro Queler
Cristiano Pierobon
Fábio Souza
Giulliano P.
Will Geraldo

Recorded between May-Nov 2013

Engineered by Fábio Ferreira at Mix Music (São Paulo – Brazil) except “Tomorrow Won't Happen” engineered by Fábio Souza at MTK Estúdio (São Paulo - Brazil) / children's choir on "Eight" recorded on location and engineered by Wilton Rogers (São Paulo - Brazil) / Additional vocals on "Alone Again" engineered by Julian Grimm at SSR (London - UK)

Additional vocals on “Eight” by Lorena Geraldo, children's choir on “Eight” by Grupo Encanto Paróquia Espírito Santo, additional vocals on “Alone Again” by Cléo, additional vocals on “Salvation” by Camila Pereira

Mixed by Will Geraldo at Estúdio Cantara (São Paulo – Brazil)

Mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge (London – UK)

Artwork by Erik Muller


all rights reserved



Violent Attitude If Noticed

The musical background of the band may vary a lot. It is possible to identify influences of jazz, bossa nova, blues, post punk, new wave, art rock, electro, hard rock and progressive rock.
All these elements summed together result in V.A.I.N.'s music.
It's not uncommon to hear quiet and mellow sounds changing into what may appear to be a sudden nightmare
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