by Violent Attitude If Noticed

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Debut release of the Brazilian band Violent Attitude If Noticed. Recorded in 2008 and originally released in 2009, this is a remastered version of this EP.

Influenced by the likes of New Model Army, Porcupine Tree, Killing Joke, Peter Gabriel, Marillion and Tool. Right where post punk meets progressive.

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released February 12, 2008

Produced by Will Geraldo

Performed by V.A.I.N.

Emerson Formiga – bass
Giulliano P. – guitar, acoustic guitar and backing vocals
Gustavo Rabello – drums
Will Geraldo – vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards and bass on 'Forgotten'

Engineered by Fábio Ferreira and Will Geraldo between July and November 2008 at Mix Music (São Paulo - Brazil)

Mixed by Will Geraldo between November and December 2008 at Estúdio Cantara (São Paulo - Brazil)

Mastered by Will Geraldo in June 2012 at Estúdio Cantara (São Paulo - Brazil)

Artwork by Junior Bernucci



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Violent Attitude If Noticed

The musical background of the band may vary a lot. It is possible to identify influences of jazz, bossa nova, blues, post punk, new wave, art rock, electro, hard rock and progressive rock.
All these elements summed together result in V.A.I.N.'s music.
It's not uncommon to hear quiet and mellow sounds changing into what may appear to be a sudden nightmare
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Track Name: Belief
(Giulliano P. / Will Geraldo)

You look but you don’t see
No matter how hard you try
Headaches and migranes
You keep on looking but see nothing

A pause, a deep breath
Time to start again
You are sweating now
But you don’t mind because you still believe

You feel like your head is about to explode
Maybe you’re right, this is the only way
But my faith is compromised
And I don’t know whether I should start again

I’ll always be here for you
You can count on me at anytime
But certain things will still take me
Some time to get used to
Track Name: The Big Picture
(Will Geraldo)

Looking over the balcony at the mountains staring at me
Sun burns a bit even when clouds come closer trying to help
Escaping to the void is not an option
It won’t set me free
I guess I must try my best
With my hopes kept under my hat

The first attempt put me down
But I knew I would be fine
The second one came sooner
And I wasn’t so sure
The third cut hurt a lot
But the scars were just mine
By the fourth I was stronger
And things didn’t seem so blurred
Track Name: Forgotten
(Emerson Formiga / Will Geraldo)

And now there isn’t much time left
Time has become my worst enemy
I know it doesn’t matter anyway
Even if it goes beyond my life

And now that I’ve finally got you in my hands
I am running out of time
What was left, is taking my soul
And I still want to understand all this

Time’s over
You’re distant now
Time’s up
This is so confused
I can no longer feel you in my arms
Dying or killing makes no difference to me
I couldn’t care less about you feelings
I’ve given up looking for an answer
I so much want to take you with me
But that’s still not what I want
I know, I want to take your smile with me
With all the hope of keeping on alive
And I will not see you ever again
Track Name: Autumn
(Will Geraldo)

Tell me it didn’t happen to you
Didn’t you wake up this morning
Feeling a bit weird
Something was different and this is something I can’t quite explain

Tell me it didn’t happen to you
Didn’t you get up this morning
With a smile on your face
It was like someone had just put a spell on me

Stupidity, many would agree
Coincidence, some would say ‘could be’

A breeze of hope or something
That makes you feel better
It might sound silly
But I feel good and that’s what matters
Track Name: Pleasure In Stereo (Live)
(Will Geraldo)

Here I am
Trying to relax
Here I am
Trying to calm down
How I ended up here
Here we are

hey Neil, ask them to stop
hey Neil, tell them to stop
hey Neil, just make them stop
hey Neil

Here I am
In all my loneliness
Here I am
Suffering I must confess
Here we are